Offshore and Inshore Diving Services

Commercial Diving and Underwater services
Diving and Underwater Services are the core activity of the Company. We are fully equipped to provide a comprehensive range of diving services to undertake any kind of underwater activity. Our teams are led by highly talented and industry experts people and supported by highly competent personnel, trained to meet International standards and certified by Health and safety Executive of the UK and International Marine contract Association ( IMCA ) etc. We believe in translating our Company values into action which enables us to maintain transparency in our dealings. Needs of our customers are our guiding force and we take pride in exceeding the expectation of our owns. Excellence of our performance is frequently seen when we beat our own benchmarks. Coral Diving Offshare provides full range of Saturation, Mixed Gas and Air Diving support services to Offshore and Inshore Clients

Offshore Diving Services : Some of our offshore diving services mentioned below-
Subsea Construction & Installation - Installation of new Platform, Jacket, SPM/SBM, PLEM, X –Mas tree, Template, Spool Piece, Riser, Clamp, Anode, Barge bumper, Riser protector guard, Sump cassion, Smart flange, Gripper, Mooring terminal, mooring buoy, I/J Tubes, Mid-line tie in etc. including metrology and hydra tight.
Laying of subsea pipelines, cables, flexible Risers, umbilical’s etc. including free span correction, trenching and placing concrete sleepers and mattresses for stablisation and protection. Underwater cutting, wet/hyperbaric welding, removing/ relocation of subsea installation. debry recovery, grouting, hot tapping, rig support, jetting and air lifting etc.
Inspection and Survey - Complete inspection of all offshore structures e. g. Base line inspection of Platforms, Jackets, mooring chain, cable, pipeline including top side inspection using latest technology and equipment like CP, UT, ACFM, MPI, FMD, Video and still Photography etc.
UWILD (Underwater Inspection in Liew of Dry Docking) Survey of vessels, barges, rigs and floaters for all class approval. Pre and post Engineering and Construction survey for riser, platform and jackets.
Repair and Maintenance - Repair and maintenance work of all offshore structures like Platforms, Jackets, SBM, PLEM, Pipeline, BOP & Wellhead, Navigation buoy, mooring terminal including changing of SBM subsea & floating hoses, changing of anodes, valves, hydro coupling etc.
We also undertake complete Audit and assurance of air and sat diving system.

Inshore Diving Services : We provide a wide variety of Inshore diving services -
For the Shipping Industry - Underwater Iinspection and UWILD Survey of all types of Vessels / floaters for general purpose and class approval using latest techniques and state of art equipment’s CP, UT, ACFM, MPI, CCTV and still camera. We also conduct Vessel / Floaters on and off hire, pre and post dry dock and purchase survey. General diving for hull cleaning, anode and valve replacement, weld repairs, sea chest blanket, sealing of stern glands, cofferdam repair, antifouling assessment, propeller polishing, blade repairing, straitening, trimming and profiling and damage assessment of all vessels /floaters.
For Harbor, port, jetty and dry docks - Jetties, harbor, breakwater construction, block placement, grouting and docking support. Inspection, maintenance and repair work of harbor foundation, piling and trenching including channel survey and clearance. Navigational buoy & mooring buoy Installation, inspection and maintenance.
For Dam, Bridge and power plant – Installation of gates and sluice gates on dams, de salting, dregging and dewatering of dams, lakes canals and reservoirs, making of artificial lake and their maintenance and cleaning, Repairs of dams and structures by RCC & Epoxy coat treatment and deep pointing work on dams wall. Complete repair, maintenance and inspection of bridge and power plant including plant and pipeline intake filters.
For Salvage, Drilling and blasting - Salvage of storm gates on the ports, wrecks and all sunken structures Underwater rock excavation by drilling and control blasting. Dredging and Embankment protection.
Other Diving Services – We provide diving services to media, film and telephone industry, government and semi government organizations. We undertake complete maintenance, of society, club and institutes swimming pool including life guard. We also conduct scuba, sports & adventures diving and commercial diving training camps.

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